True Arnica montana Flowers


True Arnica montana Flowers

Arnica montana is a flowering plant about 18–60 cm (7.1–23.6 in) tall aromatic fragrant, herbaceous perennial. Many other flowers are sold as “Arnica”. Traditionally Arnica montana is what was used in European herbal traditions for pain relief.

Amount: 10 seeds

Important Germinating Details: Cover “lightly”(sprinkle) with a mix of pasteurized (or sterilized) vermiculite and sand. Then place in the refrigerator(never in freezer) for about 6 weeks at a temperature of  41 degrees F. (5 degrees C.). After the cold stratification, place the seedlings in a warm, bright location to germinate. This is a somewhat challenging seed to germinate. Transplant into soil after last frost, or any time of the year in warmer climates.


  • Perennial
  • Full Sun/Part Sun
  • Sprouts in 1-4 Weeks
  • Seed Depth: 1/8-1/4″
  • Ideal Temperature: 50-65 F
  • Soil pH: 5.5-7.0
  • Plant Spacing: 6-12″
  • Frost Hardy: Yes
  • Latin Name: Arnica montana
  • Herbal Association: Solar Quality


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